Dear Future Brides,

My name is Katie Lynn McClendon/Cotten. I was the typical bride that was overwhelmed with all my choices of how to plan my wedding date. I didn't know if I wanted to do a destination wedding or a local /traditional wedding here in my hometown.

Once I finally made of my mind that planning a traditional wedding would physically kill me with my type “A" personality, I tried looking into all my options of having a destination wedding. I thought the stress would stop there but little did I know I was overwhelmed again with all the emails, brochures, venue calls from other destination wedding locations that I almost regretted my decision.

Around that time, my sister reminded me of her friend’s aunt -who was a travel agent and could maybe help me with all this. Ladies, she turned into my knight in shinning armor. She emailed me places that fit exactly what I was looking for (I needed a place that was family friendly) instead of just looking at all the potential places. Her knowledge and experience with traveling made my decision of picking the country/venue so easy.

After that, she walked me every step of the way. Ladies, you don't understand, please listen to me here from a past bride! Destinations weddings can be stressful too! I had guests losing their passports almost the day before we left, people canceling their trip, people wanting to join in on the trip months later after the deadline. But guess what, that's where Lauré came in. I didn't have to worry about my father- in-law not having a passport until the day before his departure, or my sister-in-law wanting to come way past the deadline - because everyone knew to JUST CONTACT Lauré !

Literally, the day before we left my dad had so many questions and instead of sitting on the phone with him for an hour - I got to concentrate on getting my last minute details done while Lauré explained everything to him via the phone. I think I would have had a panic attack trying to organize not just a wedding but also everyone's travel arrangements as well. I cannot recommend her enough to all you ladies! Lauré literally made my wedding day happen! In summary, I loved that I got to spend not just one night with all my loved ones- but several days making memories that will last a lifetime.

If you have any questions or would like to visit with me, Lauré has my number and I have given her full permission to give it out as a reference. Please give me a call if you have questions about my experience!

Thank you Lauré for everything you did for my wedding vacation! And you future brides - congratulations in advance!

Katie Cotten | Corpus Christie, TX

My husband and I have both traveled the world and stayed in many – way too many – hotels. What we experienced at the El Dorado Royale just blew us away!!! Not only is the resort beautiful, the buildings and grounds are immaculate and constantly being serviced. The personnel was the friendliest we have ever experienced and the food – god the food was terrific!

Eat, drink, sleep, repeat…….was our mantra. We got an upgrade to an ocean view swim up room, so that was the first pleasant surprise. The room was spacious and beautifully decorated. The bed easily compared to our temperpedic at home and we were given an assortment of different pillows to choose from. We had a personal concierge who catered to our every wish. When we were lounging on our porch and in ‘our’ pool, drinks came to us! The mini bar in our room was stocked twice daily and when they realized we only choose the Tecate beer and water, we got Tecate beer and water in mass!

Early Thursday morning I awoke to the sound of heavy rain and went out onto the porch. The coconut trees were being blown to pieces and the wind was just short of hurricane strength. I went back into the room, and once again only heard the rain. The buildings are really sturdy and never, ever did we hear any sounds from the rooms above or next to us. The storm went on Thursday and Friday and Friday afternoon the owner of the Karisma group personally checked that storm debris had already been removed and as Michael said, ‘the jungle was once again spic and span’.

The peace and quiet of the resort was balsam for our nerves and I watched as my husband relaxed more and more. I am missing the sound of the waves right now and can hardly wait to get back to El Dorado Royale!

Thank you so much for your assistance and just wanted to let you know this resort is a winner!

Marion Diemert | Houston, Texas

Lauré is the BEST!

We have used Lauré for the past several years to plan multiple trips to Mexico and even our Honeymoon!

She is very responsive, helpful, and friendly. We love how Lauré is so knowledgeable about the Caribbean and all hotels in the area. I have recommended her to friends and family and they loved her just the same!

Thank you Lauré for planning many wonderful, worry-free vacations for us. Our trips would not have been the same without your help!

Kristen Mueller | Houston, Texas

The purpose of this letter is to acknowledge, recognize and thank Lauré with Travel & Cruise Vacations.

I was desperately looking for a place for my destination wedding, but the resorts would take forever to reply my messages. I got a referral to call Lauré and not only did she promptly reply to me, she gave me with all information I needed.

Lauré referred me to the best resort ever in Cancun and took care of all travel arrangements. My group was very complicated as we came from 3 different countries. Everything from the beginning to the end was well organized and properly done. I didn’t have to worry about anything. The itinerary, reservations, wedding, transfers and stay of all the people attending my wedding/honeymoon was perfect.

I’m glad to state that the only issue we had was nobody wanted to come back home. We are already thinking in our 1st anniversary and of course will be using Lauré with Travel & Cruise Vacations, our number one travel choice. Thanks for everything.

Ana Paula and Nigel Vieira | Houston, Texas

When I was planning my wedding to be at a location not only out of the country, but in a country I had never visited- I was a little overwhelmed about the details. Not only for myself, but to ensure that my guests (most of whom had never been out of the country as well) all felt at ease as well.

Lauré was my saving grace in the whole process. I was worried I would spend too much time following up with each guest to see if they booked flights, hotel and made payments on time. Laure’ took this giant task from my worries- and once I gave her every persons’ name and email address, she followed up with every person from the beginning until the day of the trip.

Lauré made sure everyone had a room, booked the excursions in advance, and touched base with the hotel before we arrived. Not only had she stayed at the resort, she even had done most of the excursions I wanted to do and was able to tell me where and what to try.

The spreadsheet Lauré provided me with was invaluable- letting me know when each guest was arriving to the hotel so that my fiancé and I could greet them when they reached the hotel. It was an incredibly smooth process- which is why I have recommended her to arrange the travel arrangements for other friends of mine doing destination weddings.

Jennifer K. | Houston, Texas

OMG!!!! I don’t know how I’ll ever thank you for helping us plan our trip!!!

Both resorts you helped us pick were beyond our expectations!! And both the Pearl Harbor and Old Lahaina Luau were amazing!!

We had such an amazing experience and cannot wait to return. We had said because of the cost; we had only seen ourselves going once but that was before we had the opportunity to experience HAWAII!!

Thank you, we will be in touch again.

Karina Janish | Belville, Texas